Welcome to World Three, the first Ah! Megami-sama trading card game on the net. Opened in 2003 and closed in 2004, we are reopening our doors for trading our favorite goddesses! This card game features the characters from the Ah! Megami-sama anime and manga.

# of Sets: 125
# of Cards: 2450
# of Members: 7


So it's been a month since I updated the games (Or more), but I've finding that it's hard to motivate myself to update them when I'm not sure if anyone is actually playing them. It's hard to have a trading card game when there aren't many members to trade with! I don't really want to close and I'd don't have a problem with updating or anything, I would just like to have more members to be doing this for, if that makes sense.

If you're still actively playing (which Polar was the only person to take any freebies from the last post), please let me know. I suppose based on the number of responses here, I'll make a decision on what to do moving forward.

Thanks and sorry for the delay!!!
Posted on 26 Jul 2008 by Belldandy
Fourth of July Freebies!

To celebrate the fourth of july, you may take the number FOUR card from any FOUR sets of your choice. Comment with your choices!!!!
Posted on 03 Jul 2008 by Belldandy

And the games have been updated! Play! enjoy! :)
Posted on 21 Jun 2008 by Belldandy
Games Update

All games are updated! I have merged weekly and bi-weekly games into one section. Since I'm back at work, my time is limited and a two week update time is more feesible. The caption contest is also up for the month so please enter! Please feel free to leave feedback on what you'd like to see more of here! We aren't a hugely popular game, but we still want to keep our members happy!!!
Posted on 07 Jun 2008 by Lind
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