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Earning Cards
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Game Description

Welcome to World Three, a trading card game that features the characters of Ah! Megami-sama. This game originally opened in 2003, then closed in 2004 when I lost interested in trading card games. Now that interest is back and I decided to reopen this game for a couple of reasons 1) there is still no AMG TCG out there that I have found, and 2) There are tons more images on the web now for making cards.

Senshi Card Mania has brought about a new wave of obsession in trading little cards with cute pictures (back in 2002!). We credit Calico for the awesome idea.

You will receive 15 cards when you join, including two from the series you requested and two special cards. You can see the different sets on the cards page. You can trade your cards and collect more cards. You will need a badge that you can put up on your page and link back to us. If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ or add the question on the form when you join.

In addition, you are required to keep a trade log on your page to show how you got your cards and who you traded cards with. An example of one of my trade logs can be found here.

Earning Cards

@ Joining will get you 15 cards. 2 will be from the series of your choice, 2 will be valued at two cards
@ Referals Will get you 2 random cards
@ Games: You can play games on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to earn more cards.
@ Contests: Participate in monthly contests to earn cards - entering alone gets you prizes.
@ Donations: You can earn cards by sending in link buttons, level badges and master badges. See the Donations page.
@ Writing: If you don't like making graphics, you can visit the Writing Archive for writing submission options
@ Leveling Up: You receive three cards for leveling up.
@ Birthday: On your birthday you will be given, (not sure yet). However, in order to receive this birthday gift, you MUST be signed up at the forum and have your birthday logged into the calendar. (You do not need to give us a year if you do not want to.)
@ Mastering a Series: Read below to see how you can earn cards for mastering a series.

World Three Levels

If you level up you will receive three cards, two random and one of your choice.


Rat Ninja :: 0-50 Cards
Genie :: 50-100 Cards
Demon Second Clas :: 100-150 Cards; Master Two Normal Sets
Demon First Class :: 150-200 Cards; Master Four Normal Sets
Mortal :: 200-250 Cards; Master One Special Set
Fairy :: 250-300 Cards; Master Seven Total Sets
Tree Spirit :: 300-375 Cards; Master Ten Total Sets, including one puzzle set
Angel :: 375-450 Cards; Master Two Special Sets
Goddess Third Class :: 450-575 Cards; Master fifteen Total Sets
Goddess Second Class :: 575-700 Cards; Master seventeen Total Sets
Goddess First Class :: 700-800 Cards; Master twenty total sets, including one special set worth three.

Once you have reached 801 cards, you will receive 3 cards of choice for every 100 cards and three additional mastered sets (any type).

Coins and Coupons

World three uses coins and coupons to allow you to purchase additional cards. Both can be used at the World Three Card Store. There are three coins you can Earn from masteries and games: peningar, eyrir, and mark. These three coins are traditional norse currancy. The historical values of these coins are 1 eyrir = 30 peningar 1 mark = 240 peningar or 8 eyrir; however for this game, we will simplfy this to 1 eyrir = 5 peningar and 1 mark = 10 peningar. Each coin is marked with its value as shown below.

Peningar =
Eyrir =
Mark =

Coupons can be turned in for cards at the store as well. Coupons can be used for any sets that are part of the corrosponding deck. For example, a Belldandy coupon can be used for any cards listed on the regular card page under the series 'Belldandy', such as Bell, Goddess, Wish, Wonder, etc. One coupon can be used for two random cards or one choice card from any of the sets in that series. There is also a coupon for special cards, however, this coupon is rare!

Mastering a Series
You master a series by collecting all individual cards in the series and display them on your trading page. Once you master a series you *cannot* trade the cards away. We dish out cards based on the number of people collecting a certain series. There are four types of series masteries. Normal, Puzzle, Special Set Worth Two, and Special Set Worth Three. Rewards are as follows:

* Mastering a normal series earns you another two cards of choice, two random cards, one random special card worth two, one coupon, and 1 eyrir.
* Mastering a puzzle series earns you another one card of choice, two random puzzle cards, one random special card worth two, one coupons, and 1 eyrir.
* Mastering a special deck worth two will earn you three cards of choice, one random card, one random special card worth two, one choice special card worth two and one eyrir.
*Mastering a special deck worth three brings big prizes!