1) You must have a website. Where else are you going to put your cards? Your website must contain a link back to World Three and a Badge to show your level. In addition, you should specify which cards you plan to keep and which cards you plan to trade so that others visiting your page will know. Finally, keeping a trade log on your page is encouraged.

2) You must put the cards up in a week. I'm in too many games with broken links or no cards. Put them up. Email us and let us know they are up. Then we'll add you to the member's list.

3) When you trade one of your cards to a member for one of their cards, you must take down the traded card. Once you've traded the card is gone. You can keep it on your hard drive, but it cannot be shown on your card page or counted in your card total.

4) Be respectful of members. Don't badger people in trading. Just ask nicely. You cannot force someone to trade. In addition, if someone sends you a trade request and plan to decline, please be curteous enough to send them a response.

5) Please list in the comments box all of the series you are currently interested in collecting. If you do so, you will get an extra card.

6) If you join, please be active.

7) One account per person only! Multiple account is considered cheating and violators will be banned from the game.

8) World Three uses random card generators to award cards as prizes. Please take your cards from those offered on the first try. Refreshing the page, or playing the game again to get different cards is considered cheating. Remember, this is just a game, and we're here to have fun. You're on the honor system to do so. There will plenty of opportunity to win and trade cards.

Read the rules? Want to join? Then please do!